Inflammation – Nature knows best ?

Inflammation is both a blessing and a curse.

From a dull ache to screaming agony, inflammation is a signal that something is wrong at a tissue level. It is also a signal for your body’s defence and repair mechanisms to spring into action. Well, for many of us the spring is more like a slight hop or limp, and for some, the signal does not get turned off with the result that suffering is extended with long-term destructive consequences.
Now I am not a medico, just an interested bystander (and occasional sufferer), so here may be a simplistic approach and non-techy understanding, but nevertheless one that works for me, and others that I know.

Nature has the solution.

From my home land of New Zealand comes the Green-lipped mussel shellfish. A freeze-dried extract product of this shellfish was available to offer possible relief for sufferers of arthritis. Worked for some, sometimes. There were challenges for those allergic to shellfish, as well, so it was a bit limited in how well it worked.

A challenge was issued by the promoters of the extract, to researchers in Australia, to find the active ingredient that makes the freeze-dried extract work.Well, like so many secrets held by Mother Nature, the answer did not come easily, and in fact it took several years. Collaboration between scientists both in Australia and Japan finally revealed the secret.
Testing in Australia, and double-blind trials done, provided remarkable evidence of a very effective anti-inflammatory. Problem was, it was a natural product and thus could not be readily patented.
Patents are now in place, and the product is available world-wide.


No allergy problems, as there are no proteins in the new extract.Non-irritating to the gut.Works for arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, strains, sprains, PMT, and every other inflammation event including Crohns.

Just as a by-word, When you purchase this product using the link below, you get a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee – and that’s from the marketing company, direct.It’s the age-old story – nothing ventured, nothing gained, but without trying it, how will you know?

To explore further, and order if you wish, check US Office here or UK Office here. This link will take you to a location selector page. Select your region,  ie England, and you will go directly to the Lyprinex information page.. The reason for two locations is to ensure prompt and low cost delivery of freash product.

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Author: Ken Spong

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Original article by Ken Spong and revised 16 Jun 2015 by said author


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